Case studies

Case studies from Erasmus+ projects

The MNC Whispering series of video cases

The MNC Whispering series of video cases is an open access web- and video-based e-textbook, aiming towards more attractive education and training in International Business (IB). The video cases are designed to deliver an exciting and up-to-date e-text book for IB where each chapter is covered with executive videos. Students do not need to read through the chapters of a textbook. Instead, all information is delivered in a video format, each chapter being covered with real life cases. It was called MNC Whispering because it is international executives explaining about their problems, while at the same time whispering their solutions.

Transfer of experiential and innovative teaching methods for business education

Project No.: 2010-1-PL1-LEO05-11462

Business enterprises argue that education institutions are distant from the world of work that education provided does not match the needs of enterprises. The results of research in enterprises show that most of the managers were only partially satisfied with the training of the employees. Therefore, minimizing the gap between training providers and enterprises continuous training of teachers and trainers was chosen as the priority of the project. Analyzing so far available materials and good practices of a number of training providers the most effective methods for diminishing the gap between theory and practice is Case teaching method which is used by a number of best known business schools all over the world.

Case studies – Poland:

Case studies – Lithuania: